1001Soul is a large-scale interdisciplinary and transcultural project. Its starting point is the fact that we live in a world of conflicts, demarcations and divisions; the project seeks to interrogate how connections can be reestablished, dialogues between people promoted, and how reconciliation can succeed – by the means of art.

1001Soul is more than just an art project. It pursues a mission and vision as an ‘artistic peace pact’ between people, countries, cultures and religions. The arts serve as a bridge between people, people and places, their cultures, religions and philosophies.

For an expanded period of time, we, Reza Nassrollahi, Iranian artist and initiator of 1001Soul, and Nic Leonhardt, German theatre, art and media scholar and writer, will travel across borders and meet people. Reza will be painting people and places, Nic will be writing about her encounters and observations during the journey and shall curate talks, open tables and performative events around 1001Soul with locals.

At the end of 1001Soul there will be a gigantic screen of 1001 single images (10 x 2.10 m each) on 4400m² everyone worldwide via aerial photographs and live cams. In addition to the mega-screen, a catalogue of Reza’s art as well as the book 1001Begegnung /1001Encounter will be written by Nic.

Reza Nassrollahi and 1001 Soul

1001SOUL@Benjamin Eck Galerie