For the German-Persian artist Reza Nasrollahi, the connection  and unification of different worlds and cultures has been his lifetime purpose. Born in Tehran in 1975, he moved to Germany with his family at the age of fourteen.

He discovered his passion for the arts at an early age and immersed himself into studying the fine arts. He continually deepened his knowledge and expanded his studies- not only in the arts- but also into a lifetime self-study of literature, philosophy and meditation from around the world.

Earlier in his career, Reza held several art exhibitions in Cologne and Munich, Germany. He later intertwined his passion for creating art and fashion, by successfully launching a fashion label- Rezalution. It was in 2017 that Reza committed himself fully to his new project, a global art project- 1001SOUL.

Reza’s purpose for 1001SOUL is to show the connection and unity across the world – throughout all continents, cultures, people. He wants to share the message of love. Starting his journey in Kathmandu, Nepal, Reza will travel across the world with the intent to create “soul paintings” from the peoples he comes across.

Reza’s painting style is colorful and expressive. His soul paintings are created by journeying into the spiritual expressions of people- a universal language that bypasses all the contradictions in our everyday world- rich vs poor, materialistic vs spiritual, east vs west and so on.

1001SOUL will conclude its world tour in Silicon Valley, California, U.S.A, where there will be a final exhibition. After the conclusion of Reza’s world tour, he will place all the soul paintings side by side, creating a canvas mural. His completed canvas mural of all his soul paintings will be displayed at Burning Man, Black Rock City, Nevada.

All proceeds from Reza’s 1001SOUL art exhibitions will be donated to children’s charities from each host country that he visited.

Reza’s vision for the future is clear: Thankful for the universal power of art, we can sharpen our awareness of the unity of all people from across the world. It is then that we can make a pact for peace and unification.

“I believe in human kindness”


Reza Nassrollahi and 1001 Soul

1001SOUL@Benjamin Eck Galerie